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We research for a good indoor air quality

Industrialization and high traffic density cause an increasing air pollution with particulate matter. Due to high load values more and more people are forced to stay indoors. Therefore prevention is a central matter in the context of healthy ventilation.

Since 2008 we are conducting research on a highly transparent functional mesh, aiming at:

  • a significant reduction of the incoming, noxious particles,
  • simultaneously ensuring the highest possible ventilation and light incidence
  • and guarantee a clear and unclouded view.

Therefore we do not hesitate to find new approaches to test the effectiveness and the efficiency of our meshes.

The indoor climate index allows a qualitative evaluation

The quality of our mesh does not only depend on the amount of particles it can retain, but also if it still allows air and light to pass through.
To be able to take these factors into account, we established the indoor climate index.
It considers the retention of particles as well as air and light permeability.

Indoor climate index = [light incidence in % x (particle retention in % x 2)] / (differential pressure in mbar x 1.000)

The indoor climate index always refers to one type of particles for example pollen or fine dust, and is indicated in points.